Formula in Buddhism First Vow - Part 4

This is the formula for learning the Teaching of Buddha. It goes as follows:

  • To Learn Buddhism is to learn myself:
  • To learn myself is to learn Buddha’s Compassion:
  • To learn Compassion is to forget myself,
  • And to throw myself into Buddha’s World.

I get up, go to the bathroom, and look at myself in the mirror every morning. It’s my simple routine. I surely see my messy hair, oily face, and unshaven face. But whenever I don’t see a handsome boy, I have never shouted “It’s not me!” I know when the mirror is clean and clear, it reflects me as I am.

Then, how about my mind? Is there any way to know my mind as it is? Yes, there is. We have a mirror called “Primal Vows of Amida” which reflects my mind as it is. I carry the mirror of Wisdom in my mind as ladies carry compact mirrors in their handbags.

Please remember the direction when we learn the Teaching of Buddha.  We are subject to paying attention to the Teaching, and this direction is one of common misunderstandings and mistakes. We don’t look at the mirror but, instead, look at our face. When I clearly see me, I come to know that the mirror is perfectly working; when I clearly see my mind, I come to realize that the Teaching is perfectly working.

Again, it’s the wrong way for us to clarify the Teaching; it is the right way for us that the Teaching clarifies us. To learn Buddhism is to learn myself.

In Gassho
Rev. E. D. Fujii


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