Formula in Buddhism Second Vow

Formula in Buddhism 

2nd Vow

You see the formula here when we learn the Teaching of Buddha. It goes as follows:

1. To Learn Buddhism is to learn myself: 
2. To learn myself is to learn Buddha’s Compassion: 
3. To learn Compassion is to forget myself, 
4. And to throw myself into Buddha’s World.

The Second Vow 
Each Vow appears to me to clarify what I am. This is the way Dharma or Truth appears. The 2nd Vow in the Larger Sutra says,

“If in my country, after obtaining Buddhahood, 
return again to the Three Evil Worlds, 
may I not achieve the Highest Enlightenment.”

My country: The World of Purity or Pure Land 
Buddhahood: The world showing Dharma or Truth fully 
Three Evil Worlds: Hell, Hungry ghost, and Brute creature.

Hell: Result of my anger 
Hungry ghost: Result of my greed 
Brute creature: Result of my ignorance

Note: Anger, greed, and ignorance are called “Three Evils” or “Three Poisons” Which damage me and others in may ways. You may call them as Primal Colors in mind which create any colors such as envy, jealousy, 
selfishness, and so on.

Highest Enlightenment: Perfect Wisdom and Compassion

The 2nd Vow clarifies that I am a being to repeat the Three Evil Worlds when any condition triggers them. Although it sounds simple and easy, our tears and smiles come from “repeating of these.” When I look at everyday of mine, I get angry or I get greedy not 
once, but many times until the very moment I die. So I come to know my blind passions are endless and bottomless. Great Wisdom appears to me to clarify what I am. At the same time I come to know Great Compassion lies there. 

To learn Buddhism is to learn myself. I learn myself by and through the Vows.

In Gassho, 

 Rev E.D. Fujii

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