Ways to Support

Volunteering, Membership, and Donations

Thank You

Thank you for your consideration and interest in ways to support the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temples and our communities.  It is through generous support of all kinds that we are able to share the continuous bonds of connection between us–and through the ages–embraced by the Nembutsu path.


Join and Renew Here!

Primarily, support contributes directly to the Sangha (congregation) and is dedicated to sharing the Dharma.  Member support allows us all to participate in the various Dharma Services, study classes, events, retreats, and many religious activities throughout each year.

Tangible benefits of membership include:

  • Providing direct support for Dharma services, 
  • TSDBT membership
    • TSDBT monthly newsletter
    • Weekly Email Updates about Classes and Other Temple/Community Activities
    • Preferred rates for use of facilities (weddings, family services, etc.)
    • Special rates and priority for various cultural activities
    • Eligibility as a voting member in TSDBT elections for the Board of Directors
    • Supporting the continued spread of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in the United States
  • Automatic BCA membership
    • Receive monthly issue of the Wheel of Dharma newsletter
    • Eligibility for various retreats and seminars

Please note, our current membership structure runs on an annual basis from January 1st to December 31st. The suggested membership donation amounts listed below are prorated based on the current date.

Adult Membership

Ages 30-75


Couple/Family Membership

Ages 30-75


Senior Adult Membership

Ages 75+


Senior Couple Membership

Both Aged 75+


Young Adult Membership

Ages 23-30


Youth/Student Membership

Ages 22 and Younger



Please complete the following form on the behalf of the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the membership. You will be directed to a link to fulfill membership dues after submitting the form. Please choose the membership that corresponds with the details you submit below.

For example, if you wish to sign up a member of your family for a student/youth membership, you would enter their information in the below form.


Digital Payments

Many of the payment options use PayPal for credit card processing, but you do not need a PayPal account to donate.  Simply click on the DONATE button which best matches your purpose of giving.  You will be prompted through the payment screens to enter the required information.  Once you have verified the transaction, you will be able to print and/or receive an email donation receipt.  This transaction will appear as PayPal*TRISTATEDEN” on your credit card statement.

Special Services

You will be asked for a name of a service.

In Memoriam

You will be asked for a name of individual.


KROGER (King Soopers City Market)

King Soopers Logo

Join a simple program to raise money for the Temple.  This program is painless, does not require up-front costs or change the way you pay for your groceries.  For every purchase (groceries and gasoline) that you make when you use your loyalty card, King Soopers will pay a portion back to our temple.  All that is required is that you enroll in the program, and continue to use your King Soopers Loyalty card.

To enroll, visit King Soopers and login or create your new account.

My Account ☰ > Community Rewards > Enroll > “Find an Organization” > KM637 or Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple.



Major Services

Jodo Shinshu and broader Buddhist traditions often include monetary offerings at special services.  Presented at the service itself or mailed in, the offering is wrapped in a sheet of clean white paper.  Then placed in a plain envelope alongside an identification of what the offering is for and who the donation is from is printed on the face of the envelope.  These donations are separate from membership offerings, as they do not effect membership numbers; though the income is just as vital to operations.  


This weekly offering is often an early opportunity for visitors and children in Dharma school to contribute.  Amounts of any size (note from the clattering that it is just as often in the form coins as it is bills) enable everyone to be participants and contributors to the most immediate and apparent support costs.

Osaisen (temple visit money) is placed into the large Saisenbako (offering box).  This is most often located near the entrance to the Hondo or between the incense burners immediately before the Onaijin.  (Adults and children alike may be seen offering Osaisen with apparent gratitude, joy, and enthusiasm.)

For More Information

Aspirations for the Future

Please ask any member of the Board for details on any Campaigns and Legacy Endowments.

Legacy Endowment Campaign

You will be asked for a name of individual or service–please enter “Legacy Endowment Campaign”.


Gratitude and Reflection

The Nokotsudo is a special area for the storage of ashes of loved ones.

Nokotsudo Donations

You will have an option to enter name(s) of individual(s).

Thank You

Thank You

“May there be peace in the world, and may the Buddha’s teaching spread.” — Shinran Shonin

Keeping this in our minds, let us move forward steadily to fulfill our responsibility.