Join us for Eitaikyo 2023

We invite everyone to join us for Eitaikyo 2023 (永代経) this year at the Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples on November 19th.

This service is a  remembrance of the contributions made by previous generations to the growth of the local temples and sangha groups. It is an opportunity to express gratitude to the Three Treasures; Buddha, Dharma (teachings), and Sangha (our community). ‘Eitai’ means ‘forever’ and ‘kyo’ means ‘teaching’ which combine to mean ‘perpetual memorial’, but also ‘perpetual teaching’. The donations collected for this service contribute to a fund that is essentially an emergency fund supporting the Three Treasures in time of dire need.

The Temple holds a number of special services throughout the year. We welcome everyone who wishes to attend.